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Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim in Cannock with Chase Swimming Club.


Chase Swimming Club is committed to providing high quality swimming teaching and coaching throughout the club and it is this commitment that has led to such high levels of success locally, regionally and nationally.

Learn 2 Swim is important to Chase Swimming Club as this is where our next generation of National Swimmers will first experience swimming lessons.  It is for this reason that a new look Learn 2 Swim programme will be launched in the New Year.  More details of The British Gas ASA Learn 2 Swim Pathway can be found by following the link below.

To prepare for the launch in the New Year, Chase Swimming Club have this year, invested over £4500 in teacher training and equipment, it is hoped that during the last few weeks, you will have noticed an improvement in the quality of lessons. 

We understand that some parents will be disappointed that Stages 1-4 will be reduced to 30 minute lessons but we have taken notice of national guidance, teachers and parents when arriving at this decision.  Parents and teachers tell us that children are cold and lose concentration after 30 minutes which is a view supported by national guidance.
It has also been frustrating when sessions have had to be cancelled with very little notice and by sticking to term times, we hope to eradicate cancellations.  To compensate parents for missed sessions, Chase Swimming Club will be issuing all current Sunday swimmers with a credit note of £25.00 which can be used towards next terms fees.


Please cancel your standing orders in time for December’s payment to be stopped, in the future fees will be paid by cheque upon enrolment.

Please complete membership forms and indicate your preferred session time.  We are committed to keep swim  groups small and therefore although we will try to accommodate parents preference, we may have to offer an alternative day/time.

If there are any queries in relation to the new look Learn 2 Swim please use below contact details.

Membership and Fees: chasemembershipsec@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you

Starfish Seahorse Otter Seal Dolphin

Chase swimming Club have five teaching groups as well as our Competitive Junior and Senior Squads.

These groups are split to encourage learing through a shared joy and ability within each level.

At Chase Swimming Club we teach complete beginners to swim from four years of age in our sessions on Fridays and Sundays at Cheslyn Hay. We follow the National Teaching Plan, which helps swimmers develop water confidence and skills as well as stroke work. We start with the Level 1 badge and work through the different levels up to Level 10. In addition to this we also do distance badges with the swimmers, starting with 5 meters and working up to 1500 meters.

We aim to get the swimmers to a reasonable standard in the four main strokes which will enable them to join our pre squad group by the time they are 8 years old when we can work on skills to prepare them for entry into the club’s competitive junior squad.

Swimmers progress through structured ability groups, where the four main strokes (breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterfly) are developed.

In the year that the swimmer will be 9 years of age they will be old enough to start representing the club at galas and may be invited to join the junior squad. At this stage they will be expected to swim at least 3 times a week.

If you would like any more information about our teaching sessions please

contact us.


Our Armband group are called Starfish. If you are 4 or over you can start to learn to swim.

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Sunday evenings

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Friday evenings


Our Beginners group are called Seahorse.

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Sunday evenings

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Friday evenings


Our Improvers 1 group are called Otters.

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Sunday evenings

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Friday evenings


Our Improvers 2 group are called Seals.

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Sunday evenings

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on Friday evenings


Our Advanced Group are called Dolphins. These are our pre squad swimmers.

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre on

Sunday at 5:00pm

Monday at 7:30pm

Thursday at 7:00pm